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To Build a Home - Coloured Version by AlessiaPelonzi

The attention the detail is fantastic. You really captured the rundown and somber nature of what you were trying to convey. The pitch b...

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The world I want to live in keeps changing. Middle Earth to Pandora to the Wasteland back to Pandora... It always seems to come back to Pandora. Send me to that world, with that drunken, brilliant sniper and that angry, nerdy Siren and that violent, loyal berserker. Let me live in the one where I can RUN,


Dreaming of a Place...
... so very far away, where the clouds are high and you see the sky and people live forever.
Perfection is never possible.
This much I do know.
But my god,
When I see you,
I almost feel it’s so.

Because you have no idea what I’d give,
How hard I try,
To coax that tired smile from your lips.
The little curve that sets my blackened,
Cold heart alight.

Because I am damned, cursed and lost, astray.
For a time I would have cast you aside,
Looked on at your fearful plight.
An angel, stripped and bruised,
A sacrifice on an alter of doubt and hatred.
No wings to grant you freedom,
And no hope to give you strength.
So very far from all you know.

I’d have sat beside you,
As the stars flowed from your body,
And rejoined their brothers in the cosmos.
I’d have watched as you were shattered,
Torn down and wrecked,
Ripped open and left on display,
For my brothers and sisters to have as they so please.

Now I’ve met you again,
That same angel in a mortal shell.
You gazed at me,
And began to sing.
Oh, my God.
There you are.
Hello, my love.

In your laughs and your chuckles,
I still hear the songs of angels.
In your hisses and your moans,
I hear the stars, the galaxies,
Whose souls now flood your veins,
Who bring your breathe and keep you so very close to me.

I see the stars in your eyes.
The heaven I will never reach in your smile.
The clouds you called home in your kisses.
The fire you fight with in your whispers.
The chimes and choirs in your voice.
And I pray.

And I thank a God I don’t believe in,
That the “I love you”
That crosses your soft lips
Is for me.
That the delicate flutter of your pulse
Beneath warn alabaster skin
Is mine to touch.

Your blemishes are my star map,
Your azure eyes my precious stones.
And I feel like a condemned man
At the feet of a saint,
To think
That your steady heart bears my name.
Because you are stardust and music.
Supernovas and mountain winds,
Sunshine and meteor showers.

My dear,
I should've worshipped you sooner.
I’ll worship like a dog
At the shrine of your light.
I’ll tell you my sins
So you can sharpen your knife.
Offer me my deathless death.
Good God, let me give you my life.

I am not a good man.
One could wonder if I ever was.
But maybe even the darkest demons
Deserve to love again.
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin.
The only heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you.

So here I kneel,
At the feet of my saint.
So undeserving of all you give.
Your faith,
Your kindness,
Your determination.
And I drink…
And I drink…
And I bleed you dry.
For as I watched you writhe on the altar,
As diamonds fell from sapphire skies…

To see you broken,

Lend me those silver wings,
That halo, tarnished and cold,
Worthiness be damned.
For you, my love,
I’ll give you what you’ve always believed lost.

It’s still a little broken,
A little battered,
A little bruised.
But a heart is all I have to bestow.

For if I cannot be trusted with yours,
Perhaps you’ll take mine in its place.
A random idea that popped into my head that morphed from Borderlands to religion to lovey dovey stuff. My train of thought gets derailed very often.

For Julian.

EDIT: I just realized some of the words are lyrics from the song Take Me to Church by Hozier. *insert obligatory 'song isn't mine' BS*
37 Questions

Do you remember?

Remember what?

What it felt like?


To live?


To not just be the person riding in your body, viewing your life through devices used for sight?

Yes, I do.

To gaze around your world with wide eyes?

Yes, and to see the world for the beauty it is. So I went to the rainforest.

To have a seemingly permanent smile?

Yes. So I looked for friendship.

To not just hear the constant noise?

Yes. So I went to Japan.

To hear a new song and feel chills run down your spine for the sheer brilliance of every note, every cord, every verse?

Yes. So I went to Berlin.

To listen to the sounds of life?

Yes. So I went to New Orleans.

To listen to the silence of snowfall or the rhythm of rain?

Yes. So I stayed home.

To not just eat to survive or avoid it at all costs to fit into everything?

Yes. So I went to New York.

To taste an explosion of flavors and revel in each delicious one?

Yes. So I went to Venice.

To not just smell smoke or fumes or charred food or blood, and ignore them all?

Yes. So I went to Rome.

To breathe in the aromas of cooking meat and warm chocolate and baked bread, fresh flowers and cut grass and cool salt water?

Yes. So I went to Paris.

To not just feel burns on your arms and fingertips, or your own body’s rebellion?

Yes. So I went to Argentina.

To feel a lover’s soft hair, or an all-encompassing embrace from true friends, or a cooling breeze?

Yes. So I went to London.

To have adrenaline running through your veins?

Yes. So I went to Madrid.

To lack breath, not from a disease or malice, but from laughing until no more sound will come, or a kiss that makes it impossible, or a sight that takes it away?

Yes. So I returned to London.

To smile so bright it could power whole countries?

Yes. So I took the risk and asked them.

To be connected to every touch, every sight, every sound?

Yes. So I listened when they answered me.

To love without abandon and as if you have never felt true pain?

Yes. So I picked the place we’d go.

To live each day excited to wake up and anxious to sleep, only to seek the new opportunities of the next?

Yes. So I asked them to spend the night.

To wake up to sunlight streaming through the windows and feel its warmth?

Yes. So I watched them wake up beside me in the morning.

To know the love of your parents, the protection of your siblings, and the comfort of your friends?

Yes. So I moved to London.

To hope for what may come?

Yes. So I kneeled.

To have faith in the world and marvel at its wonders?

Yes. So I asked.

To love another as if you have always known how and never truly got the chance?

Yes. So I put the ring on their finger.

To feel anticipation and excitement?

Yes. So I kissed them as if it was the first time.

To feel your stomach dropping, not from dread or fear, but from the thrill of a roller coaster or the sheer amazement of a return of affection?

Yes. So I stared at the test in amazement.

To approach hospital doors not to watch loved ones leave us, or to hear news we’re terrified of?


To see a new life come into the world, or a stranger take their first few steps again after having lost all hope they ever would?

Yes. So I held them for the first time.

To lift a child into the air and give to them the gift of flight, even if it’s only for a few moments?

Yes. So I lifted them high and twirled them around.

To dream as if you will live for a thousand years, and even the wildest ones seeming almost possible?

Yes. So I watched them grow into adults, seeking their own adventures.

To not just be surviving?


Me neither.

I hope one day, you’ll say me too.

So when did we become so… numb?

Let’s not be. Together.

So when did we become so… numb?

When did we decide to be?
Remember Three
Part 3 of Remember. A poem on hope, dreams, and loving who we are.

Part One:

Part Two:…
Hello people of DeviantArt!

I am in need of people willing to read a small section of a book and give opinions, comments, and criticism, GOOD AND BAD, about it. I want to see this thing get off the ground! 

If you are interested, comment on this or send me a note.
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I change. My thoughts change. My tastes in people change. Looks matter less. Being a good person matters more. They have to be intelligent, curious, have a quick wit and a quicker tongue, a thick skin and the need to GO. To travel, to see the world and cover the Earth in your footprints, to meet people and experience what you never thought you would, to connect on a level that astounds you. But you have to be able to keep up. and a good sense of humor. Older, smarter, more confident.

Because I want an adventure. I never intend for my life to be dull, normal, and boring. I want to run, to jump, to soar! Because right now I am so very, very low. But I will fly and climb SO. MUCH. HIGHER.

So sit back, and watch me go. Because you're in for one hell of a show.…

:iconangelwingleftplz: I BELIEVE IN ANGELS :iconangelwingrightplz:

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