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To Build a Home - Coloured Version by AlessiaPelonzi

The attention the detail is fantastic. You really captured the rundown and somber nature of what you were trying to convey. The pitch b...

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Bruce was running. Lungs working at full capacity, he sprinted through the gates and slammed them shut, praying to a god, any god they would hold it back. He spied a mausoleum further inside the graveyard and made a break for it, sweat dripping from his forehead as he panted. No, dammit, no running out of energy now! he yelled at his brain, the silence still unnerving when he spent years listening to the grumbles and grunts and roars of the Other Guy. His muscles ached and screamed at him in pain.

The sound of metal being torn apart assaulted his ears. Downright terror drove him as he bolted for the building, diving through the doors and slamming them shut, barring them with a wooden beam. He backed up against the wall, wide eyes glued to the steel doors as they shook and wobbled under the Beast’s fists.

Images played through his mind. Tony bleeding out on the floor, Clint feeling the walls blindly for his friends, Steve grabbing broken pieces of his shield and staring at them in fear, Thor attempting so desperately to call Mjolnir to him, Natasha disappearing in a swirling mass of golden mist… Natasha…

He trembled in abject fear as the doors bent further and further, the hinges straining as the behemoth pounded at them.

She was almost through.

He should have never made that deal.
Hello people of DeviantArt! I've been away for a long ass time, like three years. So I'm cleaning up a lot of stuff and making this more... grown up, I guess? My attitude and likes have changed so I'm reflecting accordingly.

So Take 2. Let's go.
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I stood in front of them all. 18, about to ship out. Another chapter, they called it. A new start. The Navy. ‘It’s in our blood,’ they say.

And they asked me, “What do you wish for?”

And I stood in silence, and I thought for a moment.

What do I wish?
I wish the world had been kinder.
I wish they hadn’t seen it fit to take you from me.
I wish the life I lived and the scars I bear didn’t require lies to seem normal.
I wish the metal in my leg and the water in my eyes and the ice in my heart didn’t require losing you for the truth to be seen.
I wish to be by your side, raising your little boy, your shining star with you.
I wish to laugh by your side, cry in your arms, plan with your mind and bond with your heart.
I wish for more time.
I wish to hear your thoughts and shelter you from your fears, to tantalise your imagination and inspire your courage.
I wish for a second chance very much undeserved.
I wish to turn back the hands of time and tell you the truth in my own time.
I wish for my apology and the truth in my words to be enough.
I wish to grow old with you.
I wish the chance to be your “Harley Quinn” again, my dear Joker.
I wish to stay up night after night, talking and listening to your voice until the sun peeks its lovely eyes just over the horizon.
I wish to tell you “I love you” and you know I mean it.
I wish to take chances and love every second I can spend with you.
I wish to see you again.
I wish to wake up every morning with you by my side.
I wish to make love to you, just like you said you wished it too, once upon a time.
I wish for you to be mine again.
I wish to see your smile again, and know I was the cause.
I wish to see that little boy smile and laugh, not a care in the world in those trickery-filled eyes.
I wish to never say goodbye to you.
I wish I hadn’t hurt your family so.
I wish to feel my heart burst with joy at seeing you again, rather than sink with sorrow, guilt and hatred of the monster I’ve become.
I wish to see you look upon me again as the one you love with all your heart, rather than the one who tore it from your chest.
I wish to earn your trust again.
I wish to feel your love surround me and protect me from the demons, even those inside my head.
I love you. I wish that was enough.
I wished all of this. And because of what I’ve done, the mistakes I made and the scars I reopened… I wished it alone.

So I stood there, in front of them all, as they asked me what I wished for. And I smiled a little smirk, exhausted and fake.

“To come back safe,” I answered. They smiled and clapped, yelled of valor and courage.

But I never felt so small. Barely 18. You are 32. Born October 11, 1982.

I wished to come back home. So maybe one day, I could see your smile, even for a moment. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to be yours again. Maybe I’ll see that chance before my dying breath.

Until then… I guess I’ll keep on wishing.



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Jay E Haines
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I change. My thoughts change. My tastes in people change. Looks matter less. Being a good person matters more. They have to be intelligent, curious, have a quick wit and a quicker tongue, a thick skin and the need to GO. To travel, to see the world and cover the Earth in your footprints, to meet people and experience what you never thought you would, to connect on a level that astounds you. But you have to be able to keep up. and a good sense of humor. Older, smarter, more confident.

Because I want an adventure. I never intend for my life to be dull, normal, and boring. I want to run, to jump, to soar! Because right now I am so very, very low. But I will fly and climb SO. MUCH. HIGHER.

So sit back, and watch me go. Because you're in for one hell of a show.…

:iconangelwingleftplz: I BELIEVE IN ANGELS :iconangelwingrightplz:

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Personal Quote: "Dreams are never silly. Depend on them to guide you."

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